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The World of Grotuwen

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map completion: ~30%

Grotuwen is a vast and sprawling continent of untamed beauty and diverse landscapes that serves as the backdrop for "Chronicles of the Amber Dragon". From the scorching deserts of the south to the freezing wastelands of the north, Grotuwen boasts a range of biomes that captivate the classic imagination of the high fantasy genre.

In the southern reaches of Grotuwen lies the vastara desert, an unforgiving expanse of sand and heat that poses a formidable challenge to any who dare to traverse its arid terrain. To the north, the climate gradually becomes milder, offering respite from the relentless sun. Here, amidst rolling hills and fertile valleys, civilization thrives amidst the rugged wilderness.

Currently, the creation of Grotuwen is still in its early stage, with an estimate of about 30% of the map being completed. While crafting the continent, my focus has been primarily on the western regions, where the story begins and develops for the first couple hundred pages.